Movie Review: Dunkirk (no spoilers!)


Dunkirk is unlike any other film I’ve seen. Once you’re past the advertisements and the lights dim in the theater, you’re no longer sitting on your tush in the air conditioning. The room around you becomes frigid, you begin to breathe through your mouth, the adrenaline builds up within you, and you’re there, on that beach, for one of the most thought-provoking two hours of your life.

Disclaimer: All thoughts are my own and are not endorsed by anyone other than myself.

Directed by Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk is the story of, frankly, the British evacuation from the French beach of that name. With German bombers flying over to try and annihalate the 400,000 British and French soldiers on the beach and hundreds dying daily, the outlook for them is pretty bleak.

Image result for dunkirk stills

The most interesting thing about this film is the lack of dialogue. I don’t think there are a hundred lines in the whole movie. Most of the experience is in what you see and what you hear.

My favourite film genre is war, so naturally I’ve seen a lot of the classic war films. This one definitely stands out in a couple of ways:

  1. The colors. Most war movies have a theme of brown, green and black (very warm colors). This one was a lot of grey and blue, which made it feel very cold. That and all the water on screen had me walking out of the theater freezing to death.
  2. The music. If you go and look up the soundtrack, you’ll find that there is a ticking noise in the background of every piece. This ticking noise did not cease for the entire film, giving a sense of urgency (time is running out).
  3. The characters. I only caught the names of two of the characters (Peter and George). In addition to these, there was the infantry soldier (I later found out that his name is Tommy – nice allusion to Tommy Atkins!), his friend, and two pilots. It was incredibly realistic in the way that you recognised them by face, not name.
  4. The kind of intensity. There was little to no blood or gore in this film (I only remember seeing blood once). Yet, it was as riveting as Band Of Brothers (a slightly more intense HBO series. Rated TV-M for a reason) without being as violent as that series is. I think the most deaths happen by drowning, which was true. More soldiers drowned trying to get away than those who were bombed on the beach.

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There are genuine Spitfire planes in it, not just CGI. Also, the music is by Hans Zimmer – also a reason to go and see it. And if you’re a One Direction fan, I believe Harry Styles plays a character in it. I’m not a 1D fan, so I didn’t catch that until I went and read the Wiki page did extensive research.

All in all, Dunkirk is one of the best films I think I’ve ever seen, and if you can watch it in IMAX, you should. That wall-to-wall screen just throws you into it.

For those who are a little more sensitive or under 13: You can find the full content advisory as to exactly what’s in it here – I highly suggest doing this. There aren’t any unwarned spoilers. Another thing I would advise is to not watch this movie alone or at night – I am over 13 and went with my brothers, my mum, and my granddad to a matinee.

Verdict: GO SEE NOW! 


The helter-skelter GIF-filled post that everyone makes once in their blog history!


This, ladies and gentlemen (do I even have any male followers?), is best described above. I’m going to try not to ramble and actually cover the information I’ve been meaning to cover for a while now.


Image result for studio c gif
From Studio C. Btdubs.

Upcoming posts

I have a lot of things on my ‘to blog’ list, and though I can’t share everything, here’s a sampling.

Image result for dunkirk

First up, a review of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk.

Image result for book pair up tag

The Bookish Pair Up Tag is next! I can’t wait to do this!

Image result for textbooks

I hope to give a tour of my new school materials and all the subjects I’ll be doing in this exciting year of education.

Image result for pencils

A miniature art dump and an animation preview come after that.

I doubt I’ll follow this order without adding in some other posts, because Tess is as unpredictable as the West Texan weather.

Image result for studio c weather gif
Also from Studio C.

In speaking of Texan Weather, I hope that you guys are out of Hurricane Harvey’s way and are praying for those who are. I won’t go into very much detail because so much has already been said on the matter, but considering that I was in Houston very recently, it kind of hits home. May God be with those who are floating about right now.


Making an ‘about me’ page

I’m planning to do that. Right now all you know about me is that I’m obsessed with TTTE.

Which I still am, by the way! Just watched Journey Beyond Sodor. How do they make these movies so awesome, guys?

This is actually from Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure. Shhhh

Enjoyable TTTE films aside, I hope to add just a bit more info about me, like what my favorite Disney film is. See if you can guess it in the comments. Just to amuse me? Please?


I’m going to try to find more blogging time by staying off of Youtube. I always have such good intentions and then end up watching “We Are Number One” renditions.

Image result for we are number one gif
This is really the best video on Youtube though. Tied with Yee of course.

So yeah, you should see a bit more of me this year!

Let’s chat!

Image result for tarzan clayton gorillas!

Not like that, Tarzan.

Do I have any gentlemen following this blog?

Which post are you most excited for? Can you guess my favorite Disney movie? What’s the weirdest Youtube video you’ve ever seen?

(shamelessly begging for people to comment)



How do I get rid of this stupid thing at the bottom here???? GAAHHHH

Part One of Chapter One {Word War}

Here’s the first part of our story, guys – FINALLY, right? Ava is writing the next part. Enjoy!

The only thing I was aware of was my heart beating wildly in my vibrating chest. A deafening crash was surrounding me, definitely costing me some of my hearing. I gasped for air, but it felt as if my ribs were clinging to my lungs. The only thing I was aware of was my heart beating wildly in my vibrating chest. A deafening crash was surrounding me, definitely costing me some of my hearing. I gasped for air, but it felt as if my ribs were clinging to my lungs.

Then all was quiet. I felt the adrenaline drain from my body as I lay in what felt like a bed of straw. I touched my forearm with a shaky hand – yes, they were cooling off. My breathing steadied as I ran my hand over the thin leather strap across my body, rubbed my hand on the case. Oh yes, that was what I was doing here. Just find Master Andrew Carrion and give it to him. Then – go home!

I sat up, stretched and looked around me. Tall trees were everywhere, their brightly colored leaves falling lazily to the thick carpet of moss and crunchy foliage. I looked up. Soft grey clouds slid steadily across the patch of sky visible between the branches.

Slowly, I shuffled through the leaves, observing my surroundings. A squirrel scampered off into the thicket as I stumbled over a fallen branch. It was very quiet, save the sound of rushing water somewhere in the distance.

I bit my tongue as I ran my hands over my forearms. Somewhere in my travels I had learned that Neds and water are a painful combination, a barrage of electrical signals speeding through the part of my body which was not attached to my mode of transportation. Two metal sleeves encased my arm from wrist to elbow. Without them, I would be stuck here, in this strange time, forever.

My eyes strayed to the sky again. “Please don’t rain on me,” I whispered, just a bit nervous. I opened my trench coat, pulled out my compass. One and one half miles to the exact north would bring me to the spot. I turned, still looking at the compass, trying to make the little red needle rest on the ominous N.

A cold wind blew the smell of rain in my face. I breathed deep, settled myself down, and, still following the compass, walked as confidently as I was able.

Suddenly, the leaves slipped downward beneath me. The compass jumped out of my hand as I tripped.

Down I slid on the thousands of leaves. My desperate grabs at something solid were in vain. Finally, with a shock of icy reality, I came to a stop, but my troubles were far from over. Electric pain pulsated through my body as I tried to get out of the water, but every move of mine was riddled with spasmatic suffering. I wouldn’t have given up, but I was overwhelmed.

Still trying to regain control, I passed out on the bank.

I figured we needed some action to begin with – was it clear enough that Ned is a time traveller?

Take it away, Ava!


Epic Houstonian Adventures – Part One: Nigel


Rejoice – it’s a blog graphic. I never make those. But I finally hauled my rear to Canva and made it. So be proud, please, and don’t expect it to ever happen again.

But a set of adventures as awesome as the ones that have been going on for the past two weeks deserves a blog graphic.


Midland, TX
August 4th, 2017
5:00 am

We had a rental car (because Andre wasn’t going to be able to come). We had our bags packed. Everyone was buckled in, breakfasted, and ready to begin our crazy journey to Houston, then Shreveport, in less than twenty-four hours. Let’s put that on a map and see how many miles that is.


Without stopping (as we did), that’s a twelve hour drive of 722 miles. Not as impressive as some road trips, but certainly insane for a day.

Usually, when we go to Shreveport, we just hit I-20. But this time, we needed to go down to Houston to see what could become our new van. We’d elected (after lots of debate) that his name was Nigel, because Nigel came from a Gaelic word for black, and he was a black van.

Same day
Houston, TX
1:30 pm

First of all, I want you to check out this listing for Nigel. Be sure to look at all the photos. It may help you see through our eyes.

Fred, our salesman, had obviously never sold a van. I hope we didn’t intimidate him too badly with our questions and comments and confidence….

But from the online listing, Nigel looked pretty good. Right?


Who would have thought that….

  • Nigel had no seatbelts in the back row….
  • Nigel had no air conditioning in the back row….
  • Nigel’s entire back row was a poorly-executed aftermarket job….
  • Nigel had been painted black to hide all his paint failure….

We decided that the only Nigel this van was going to be the namesake of was Nigel Thornberry.


We reached Shreveport safely, with all our money, but we were still dissapointed. I mean, we’d taken a huge detour for a blarghgalarghalargh.

Nigel thornberry

Yeah, I’m having too much fun.

But not all was lost – next part: Roxie!

Have you ever had a bad car buying experience? Do you know anyone who has? Do tell, please!

Aand…Secrets! (This is Trivia!)

What TV show does Nigel Thornberry come from?

The answer will be all lowercase and all stuck together.


End-of-summer ‘where have you been?’ post.

I’m not sure who said that summer was supposed to be laid back, but whoever they are, they should be banned from speech. My summers are always crazy busy, and this one has been no exception.

Where do I start?

Oh yeah, Camp Nano. Yes, I won with 50,004 words. Basically, I did Nanowrimo in July. To put that into perspective, if I recieved a dollar for every word I wrote this July, I would have enough money to buy my family a brand new Chevrolet Express 3500.

Which brings us to our van-shopping adventures. We have a fifteen-passenger Express who is white, ginormous and named André,  like the heavyweight champion André the Giant. We named him that because that guy plays our favourite character from The Princess Bride, Fezzik.


Anyways, André is as old as I am, so naturally he isn’t very good on the highway anymore. Considering that we do frequent commutes and road trips, we’re looking for another van – not to replace André, but one we can use on the interstate. So my mom has been looking all over creation for one within our price range and not halfway across the country. (Well, scratch that. We live in West Texas. The van we’ve scouted out is in Houston. That is halfway across the country. :P)


Here’s a van like him. We’re considering naming him Schwartz, Dougal or Nigel.

Conveniently, we’re going to Shreveport this weekend, so we’re going to alter our usual I-20 route and go down to Houston to see Schwartz/Dougal/Nigel. I’ll have to decide which name works best for him when we see him in person. Which do you think is best?

Let’s see, what else have I been doing? I’ve been bowling on Thursday nights, which is fun, and I’ve also been working at a stable. In exchange for cleaning tack and helping younger kids with thier lessons, I get to ride, so I’m loving the arrangement.

I’ve also been biking. I recently worked up to guts to ride in a skate park. That was fun.

Then I have been trying to manage these two blogs and still eat and sleep.

It’s going to be even busier once the school year starts, so I’m making the best of things and collecting funny memes from the Internet.


How has your summer been?


Little Art Dump + Camp Nano Pep

After posting about the Lion I did a couple of days ago, I felt so good that I sat down and drew for another hour or so. (Of course, that puts me drawing at almost midnight. Oh well, it’s summer.) Here’s some things I did:

YUS…..finally, a female husky to shake things up a bit. Her ears are a teeny bit off, but I think it’s okay.
Green dog! My little sis and I were playing school and I drew this for ‘art class’. It actually wasn’t half bad (despite being green…)


I love the wolf’s position here!

I’ve been doing some reading, and I found a slideshow (yeah, authoratative) on the differences between wolves and dogs and how you can distinguish them in drawing.


Wouldn’t you like to see this really neat guide? The whole slideshow will be in the Secrets page! To get in, though, you must answer the question (and I’m practically giving it to you)…

What were my sister and I playing when I drew the green dog?

The password will be all lowercase.

Now, for the remainder of this post…

Image result for camp nanowrimo 2017 banner

I’m participating in Camp Nanowrimo this July, and I’ve created a special cabin for anyone who wants to join. All I need is your Camp username and you can be part of the WordPress Authoresses. (You will need to make a project before I can find you. It doesn’t have to be much, just a title and a word goal, really.)

If anyone’s interested, then tell me your Nano username, please! The more, the merrier! I’m also considering making a Chatsy room for it, so this session will be fun!

Good luck with the planning (or pantsing, for that matter!)


A Tiny Art Dump – June 27

I have been in a drawing slump recently. I’m in between the point where I thought I was good, then realised a serious error in all my wolf drawings and am still trying to get better. As a result, most of my drawings have been small sketches here and there.

I don’t even think this counts as an art dump. Oh well.

6-13-17 thomas0001

A couple of Disney doodles. I liked the Danny (Great Dane on top from 101 Dalmatians) except that his legs were too short. So I abandoned him. Tramp is not bad, but there’s something up with his mouth and the rat’s claws. And the Bambi is hands-down horrible.

6-13-17 wolves1.jpg

I sketched some more wolves, trying to get angles just right. So far all my front views have been awful. But the wolf in the middle wasn’t bad, so I did a transfer onto another sheet of paper.

6-13-17 wolves2

I like everything about it except that:

  1. his colouring needs to be more blended
  2. his back right leg is too floppy.

You’ll see what I mean if you look at the original sketch.


(The grey box contains a bit of P.I. so I covered it up.)

This, on the other hand, wasn’t bad, and it’s nice to have a bit of a break from the usual horses and wolves. I’m making a photocopy of it for my art binder and giving the original to my dad to hang up at work. I love this!

With tonight’s lion, I may be getting out of my drawing ditch.

Any tips?


(PS: Who else is psyched for Camp Nanowrimo? I may be making a cabin for blogging friends – comment JULYNOWRIMO if you think this is a good idea.)